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Therative has a number of products under various stages of development.  Our first commercial product is an innovative technology for the treatment of mild-to-moderate acne (i.e., pimples) marketed under the ThermaClear™ brand name. 


Acne is the number one skin condition in America.  Over 50 million Americans suffering from mild-to-moderate acne, ranging from teenagers to adults in their 50’s. For those millions, ThermaClear provides a new way to treat and resolve this annoying problem.

ThermaClear is a safe, easy to use, hand-held medical device specifically targeted for the treatment of mild –to-moderate inflammatory acne (i.e., pimples).  This unique acne treatment device is designed to be a spot treatment for pimples and breakouts after they begin to appear.  An FDA-reviewed clinical trial has proven that ThermaClear accelerates healing time, clearing pimples in less than half the time than pimples left untreated…often within 2 – 4 days. 

ThermaClear’s proprietary Thermal Pulse Technology™ is similar to laser treatment technology used by dermatologists to treat acne.  This proprietary technology works by delivering a controlled burst of heat directly to individual pimples.  The healing thermal energy penetrates the skin to neutralize the underlying bacteria that cause pimples – attacking acne at its source and accelerating the healing process.  With no medicine involved, ThermaClear heals without over-drying or irritating skin. Clinical results demonstrate pimples treated with ThermaClear clear in less than half the time and with no harmful or lasting side effects.

Our unique acne treatment device will be sold individually or in combination with a preventative treatment and skin care regimen consisting of topical applications under the line-up name of ThermaClear Essentials.  Products in this line include: ThermaClear Cleansing Pads, Clarifying Cleanser and Acne Clearing Gel containing benzoyl peroxide. 

ThermaClear was cleared by the FDA for sale over the counter in October, 2006, and is expected to be available to the public in January 2007.

Learn more about our unique acne treatment device and associated skin care products at www.thermaclear.com. 

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