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Here’s an excerpt from Judie Lipsett Hughes’ May 22, 2007 blog review of ThermaClear on geardiary.com.  You can read the entire review at www.geardiary.com.

…Due to the nature of the two devices, comparisons between the ThermaClear and the Zeno are going to naturally occur…

Try to remember that the ThermaClear is brand new and the Zeno has been kept in a makeup bag for over a year…

In the month’s time that I have owned the ThermaClear, this review was actually delayed because I was waiting for the right type of pimple. However, once the correct type appeared, I was pleased to find that it only took three treatments in a 24 hour period for the pimple to become noticeably smaller, and within two days it had eventually disappeared with no picking, no scabbing, and no other visible problems…

Zeno vs. ThermaClear – it’s on!

Zeno ThermaClear

4.5″ long
x 1.5″ wide
x 0.5″ thick 

5″ long
x 2″ wide
x 1″ thick


3.1 ounces

4.4 ounces

Warm-Up Time:

Up to two minutes

Approx. ten seconds

Application Time:

2.5 minutes

2 seconds

Uses Allowed In One Session:

Up to three


Recharge Time Between Uses:

Up to 30 seconds

Up to 8 seconds

Recharging Time:

Up to six hours

None – use fresh batteries

Treatment Tip Life

90 to 150 treatments

Replace once a year or if damaged

Replacement Tip Price:

$35 or $50


$185 – $200


So okay…the Zeno takes up less space and it has a rechargeable battery, but in this case I don’t think either is that big of a selling point. The ThermaClear manages to accomplish the same thing that the Zeno does for less money, less hassle, and in less time. Having used heat therapy on pimples for over a year, I can definitely say that the treatment is effective; having a choice of application methods is exactly what I want as a consumer. Were I buying a zit-zapper today, I would have to go with the ThermaClear.

The ThermaClear is available directly from the manufacturer.
MSRP: $149.95
What I Like: No expensive replacement tips to purchase; much quicker treatment; less expensive than the Zeno; larger treatment tip size than Zeno
What Needs Improvement: Well, it’s larger than the Zeno and the heat may be a bit intense for more sensitive users, but otherwise I think it is a better deal

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